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APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED! (already =o=) only allowed in if someone invites you sorry ^^;; ahhh. yet another yaoi collab? WELL YES 8D this collab is about a boarding school full of ... ahem. demons, wizards, elves blah blah. all that high and mighty stuff :P just think of it as a harry potter type thing.. lol.. harry potter... up to 3 characters max and um... keep it up to MAXIMUM amount of BL :D ... contains.. BL and yaoi? XD OHOH. annnnd. try and make it into a comic :D ah and i'll edit the banner later >>;;

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July 5th, 2008, 1:34 pm


This sucks guys... I got in trouble and have ben banned from my laptop for an undecided amount of time... so I might not be on for a little while!
In order to move the story along, feel free to [ab]use Irvine, just no murder or anything! I'll try to get on whenever I can; and try to get people to post stuff for me...
Thank you! I LOVE YOU ALL.


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